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St. Paul Public School provides a structured and safe infrastructure facilities for students. The school concentrates on various needs of students time to time and updates according to the necessary requirements. The school has appointed faculty who are very skilled and dedicated to serve. The school consists of three blocks namely Andavar Block, Blessing Block and Carols Block.


         This block is the main building of the school with three floors where most of the classrooms are facilitated. Every classroom is of 25 x 20 Sq. Ft., which is very spacious and comfortable for learning. There are 17 rooms in ground floor which includes Kinder Garten Class Rooms which are enriched by an abundance of kids’ books, words, letters, numbers and other children friendly instructional aids, Music Room, Social Lab, Staff Rooms that provides an atmosphere for teachers to prepare and plan for teaching , IT Lab, Yoga hall which strengthens the students’ mind strength and will power.

There are 15 rooms in second floor which includes 12 spacious with advanced technology supported class rooms, Yoga hall exclusively set up for girls and boys separate and safe rest rooms for both boys and girls.

The third floor consists of 15 rooms which includes 12 class rooms for secondary students with Internet access to provide technology oriented support in learning, staff retiring hall and safe and hygienic rest rooms for both boys and girls separately.


         This block is the official block which consists of four floors for different purposes. The ground floor is exclusively designed to meet the official needs of the school. Principal Room, Front office and Parents official Conference room are in the ground floor of this block.

Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Biology lab and Mathematics lab are in different floors of this block.


         This block is exclusively constructed to fulfil the needs of Senior Secondary Classes. There are 3 well equipped classrooms in the ground floor of this building. This floor also consists of sport room which has all the materials that the students would need for their physical wellbeing.

The Second Floor of this block has 5 class rooms which are accessible with proper ventilation, computer and internet facilities.


         Physical laboratory is one of the key infrastructure that school provides for students’ to expose experimental skill with the size of 30 x 20 Sq. Ft., This lab is equipped with all the possible experimental tools to train students accordingly. A separate floor is set in Blessing Block for this lab equipped with demonstration table, students’ working tables and shelves to keep the materials safe for use.


         Chemistry laboratory is set up in the ground floor of Blessing Block with the size of 30 x 20 Sq. Ft., This laboratory is provided with Demonstration table, Students’ working tables, and side shelves, exhaust fans and completely set up with all other chemicals and reagents needed for the experiments.


         The third floor of Blessing Block is completely allotted for Biology laboratory with the size of 30 x 20 Sq. Ft., The school provides extraordinary platform for students’ to learn about the living things and their vital processes in a natural way. Students’ are strengthened in their subject knowledge by well experienced teachers.


         Mathematics laboratory is set up in the fourth floor of Blessings Block with the size of 30 x 20 Sq. Ft., size. This lab provides all the facilities that a student would require to bloom in his Mathematical skills like logical and reasoning factors. Students are given all the necessary freedom guidance to utilize this lab.


         The School provides a well-equipped library and resource centre of 50 x 20 Sq. Ft., Which provides students with end number of reference materials. The books are available based on different subject categories and age category based. This centre provides a very comfortable seating assistance to read and take reference. Students are allowed to access this library in allotted time as well as in their convenient times and needs. It also provides resources and materials based on common interest which will inspire students reading skills.


         This lab is of 40 x 20 Sq. Ft., size which is equipped with uninterrupted electricity facility which is always accessible to internet. The computers are of extreme quality and supports the needs of the students’ learning. PCs and laptops are available for students’ learning and educational purposes.


         Every block of the school is facilitated with separate Wi-Fi connections which provides with uninterrupted internet access for teaching and learning. Both teachers and students are permitted to utilize the facility with appropriate guidelines.


         Games are an important part of a student’s growth. The school has a multipurpose playground which is of 9238.36 Sq. Ft., that provides the opportunity for students to enhance themselves in their preferred games. Sports articles are in plenty. Separate Physical education teachers are appointed both boys and girls to teach and enhance their skills. The students are given freedom to choose their own preferred game and trained accordingly. Materials related to the needs of the students are fulfilled then and there. The playground is also situated in a safe and controlled atmosphere.


         Most of the students come to school by school transport facility. The school owns 5 Buses and 4 vans for students’ transportation. School transportation has well maintained vehicles which functions with disciplined and experienced drivers. Every van / bus has attenders to attend the students’ needs and maintain their safe travel. The students are also equipped with necessary knowledge and discipline regarding their transportation.


         The whole campus is under the surveillance of 100 CCTV cameras which assures the safety of the students as well as protects the security of the infrastructure and environment. Surveillance cameras are set to track the movements from the main road to the complete campus which is of around 3.5 acres.


         SPPS Counselling Cell is an exclusive platform which functions to meet the psychological needs of children periodically as well as at times of needs. An experienced and responsible staff is appointed to counsel students.


         Students are taken utmost care and their safety is secured. But, if there happens a necessity of medical support, nursing staff is appointed to take care of the physical wellbeing of students. Students are given periodical awareness based on their health and hygienic concerns by health worker to safe guard their health.


         The school takes much care and concern on the wellbeing of students. Purified water facilities are available to students in different places of the school for easy access. They are also guided and motivated to use and preserve the natural resource in a healthy manner.


         Electricity becomes one of those important supporting aspect of school functioning in terms of teaching and learning. The school owns necessary supporting devices like generators which are of 50Kw and 10Kw capacity to supply uninterrupted power supply at all times.


         Safety of students is our first priority. The school is situated and maintained in a well-protected area. And to assure the safety, 15 Fire extinguishers are fixed and they are maintained and refilled as per norms.


         Clean and healthy environment is very important for the completion of all the above. Hence, environment of the campus is maintained clean and a good number of trees and plants are grown to keep the environment pollution free. Thus, the school is complete with everything that is needed for a successful educational institution.